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Note : REAL ranklist would differ from this due to plagiarism and ranking criteria, and duplicate team name.
Special thanks to @worldfinal for scrapping data from baylor site

asked 25 Oct, 21:30

babangain's gravatar image

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edited 25 Oct, 21:31

Very Nice Work Dude.


answered 25 Oct, 23:41

worldfinal's gravatar image

accept rate: 11%

@babangain can you please update or upload new selected list for Kharagpur region?? As you have code ready you just have to run your code one more time :)


answered 07 Nov, 10:21

worldfinal's gravatar image

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Selection Procedure Not provided for Kharagpur.

(07 Nov, 18:10) babangain3★

They already gave on there website. Under contest rule

(07 Nov, 22:03) worldfinal4★

@babangain please come up with selection list of kharagpur . Thx in advance..


answered 26 Oct, 16:35

shivansh100's gravatar image

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I think Kharagpur site haven't declared their selection procedure yet for this year.

(26 Oct, 16:38) babangain3★

Any idea how many slots available for KGP this year?


answered 27 Oct, 15:57

abizerl123's gravatar image

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Every year, they take around 70. Same for this year too.

(27 Oct, 16:29) babangain3★

No, They will take 85 this year. They mentioned it on their site.

(27 Oct, 18:29) worldfinal4★

My team name is Spadille From Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. I have completed the registration process for Kharagpur region. Why the team name is not present in the sheet.. is it your mistake?


answered 02 Nov, 19:48

helloworld3's gravatar image

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These data were fetched from baylor site.
Maybe, You have registered after fetching.
Also, YES. There can be some error.
This is not real ranklist.

(02 Nov, 23:12) babangain3★

Have you solved any problem at online contest ?

(02 Nov, 23:13) babangain3★

Team Selection for Onsite Contest for Kharagpur regionals as mentioned in website:
There are 85 slots for the onsite contest.

The teams which could not solve even a single problem in the preliminary contest are eliminated. The remaining teams are ranked according to performance.
1. Assuming there are N number of problems in the preliminary contest, selection of teams for onsite contests are done as follows, subject to the constraint that maximum number of teams from a single institute can not exceed three.
2. Teams solving all the N problems are selected first.
3. The remaining slots will be filled by selecting top ranking team from each institute according to the rank after removal of the teams selected in Step 1.
4. If slots are still available, the second ranking team from each institute will be selected according to rank. This procedure will continue to third ranking teams in each institute (subject to above constraint), if vacancy exists.

If number of teams selected thus exceeds number of slots at any stage, the lowest ranking teams will be removed.


answered 08 Nov, 00:09

saran_1998's gravatar image

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@babangain can you do it now???

(08 Nov, 15:26) worldfinal4★

I don't have laptop right now

(08 Nov, 15:58) babangain3★

I didn't understand ur code completely. so you only do it tomorrow.

(09 Nov, 00:18) worldfinal4★

@babangain kgp is not releasing the selection list. Please provide a tentative selection list.

(13 Nov, 19:17) ruskinmanku4★

@babangain please do it

(13 Nov, 21:58) worldfinal4★

I never seen all these. :(
I dont even get notified when someone tags me

(15 Nov, 23:59) babangain3★
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