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MCOINS - Coins Game

question-> anyone please share your approach

asked 30 Oct '18, 09:16

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Consider only one stack. Let $dp[i]$ store a boolean denoting whether the person whose turn it is will win when there are $i$ coins remaining in the stack.

Following are the base cases:

  1. $i = 0$ : since the person whose chance it is has no coins to take, he/she loses. Hence, $dp[0] = 0$.
  2. $i = 1$ : only one coin, the person whose chance it is can take it and win the game. So, $dp[1] = 1$.
  3. $i = k$ : the person whose chance it is can select all the $k$ coins and win since the other cannot take any more. Hence, $dp[k] = 1$.
  4. $i = l$ : similarly, $dp[l] = 1$.

Now at each turn a person picks either $1$, $k$, or $l$ coins. To win, one would try to take coins in such a way that with the remaining coins the opponent cannot win. In our case, if either of $dp[i-1]$ , $dp[i-k]$ , $dp[i-l]$ is 0 then $dp[i]$ will be $1$ as we can take that may number of coins such that $dp[rem] = 0$ . But if all of $dp[i-1]$ , $dp[i-k]$ , $dp[i-l]$ are $1$ then in all the three possible options, the the game goes to a state where the opponent wins making $dp[i] = 0$ .
Hence, $dp[i]$ = $!(dp[i-1]\&dp[i-k]\&dp[i-l]).$
Here is my code: LINK


answered 01 Dec '18, 01:05

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