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Did not get laddu

I ranked 1 in the Oct long challenge still I didnt get laddus. Why???

asked 03 Nov '18, 05:43

proforareason's gravatar image

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edited 06 Nov '18, 08:50

Over 300 people were ranked 1, I wonder what they decided to do about it.

(06 Nov '18, 13:54) abdullah7685★

Div2 users don't get laddus, as far as I know, otherwise five or six stars will make fake id's and participate in div2.


answered 06 Nov '18, 15:04

pshishod2645's gravatar image

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What I will get for solving all problems then? I am divison 2 after solving all of them. I get nothing. My cousin has a shirt. I want it too.

(06 Nov '18, 23:12) proforareason1★

Come to div1, after solving all you will be in Div1.

(07 Nov '18, 00:51) aryanc4035★

Did anyone from Div1 got laddus ??


answered 06 Nov '18, 14:53

aryanc403's gravatar image

accept rate: 10%

Not till now :(

(08 Nov '18, 10:34) chant_coder5★
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