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ACM ICPC 2018 Amritapuri unfair results

"There will be cap on max number of teams from one institution"- where is the cap? IIT BOMBAY -16 TEAMS IIT ROORKEE -15+ TEAMS ? IS THIS FAIR?

asked 09 Nov '18, 11:26

chaitanyach5's gravatar image

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Teams registering for Amritapuri based on previous years selection criteria be like:

Ganga bol kar sala nali me kuda diya

P.S: I appreciate the merit based selection criteria but it should have been conveyed before registration, so that teams chose regionals accordingly.


answered 09 Nov '18, 18:19

abdullah768's gravatar image

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They should've updated the Selection criteria as based on merit before the results were declared.That would've helped


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:30

danielgolconda's gravatar image

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"Selection is on basis of rank only."

What more do you want?

(09 Nov '18, 13:13) vijju123 ♦♦5★

All the best :)

(09 Nov '18, 13:26) danielgolconda4★

To all those complaining on if the selection criteria is unfair should really reflect on themselves. The teams getting selected there were in Top 400, and had worked their backsides off for the regionals. You people are cribbing that selection on basis of merit is unfair? Is the some kind of joke or what? If you dont have enough merit to get selected by this years rules then its completely YOUR fault, stop trying to snatch chances of teams who worked had to go for onsite rounds, got ranks in top 100 but were second from their institute. Perhaps if you redirect this energy to practicing you might actually be under top 100 next time :)


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:27

vijju123's gravatar image

5★vijju123 ♦♦
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You didn't got selected because of this rule because you don't deserve.
Or more specifically, someone else deserved more.
Yes. It's not their fault that they got admitted in IITs.
It's your fault that you haven't worked hard ( or smart ).

P.S : Even I didn't got selected. And that's fair.


answered 09 Nov '18, 14:34

babangain's gravatar image

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"It's not their fault that they got admitted in IITs." The weirdest thing I have ever read XD

(09 Nov '18, 18:08) abdullah7686★

No offence,
but I believe Amritapuri has does a great job changing the selection criteria.
People on higher ranks are definitely more deserving teams for the onsite.
and to make it fair they have set a cap for no, of teams from a college. For how long were we supposed to compromise over quality of teams just for maximizing the quantity of colleges.

kudos to Amritapuri, Hope every Region follows the same in the future ICPC events


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:31

tushar2899's gravatar image

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alt text


answered 09 Nov '18, 20:21

pankajkhan's gravatar image

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Ok. Take this.
Cap = 20 teams.

Is maximum college criteria Fair??


answered 09 Nov '18, 11:37

aryanc403's gravatar image

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edited 09 Nov '18, 11:39

Why dont they mention directly that teams from tier-1 and tier -2 colleges will only be selected? This will be fair enough right?

(09 Nov '18, 11:41) chaitanyach53★

Extract from their webpage -
Selection:- Selection is based on the rank only. To maximize participation from maximum institutions, there will be a cap for teams from one institution. Onsite fee payment shall be made on or before 20th of November 2018.

(09 Nov '18, 11:50) aryanc4035★

Cap is 20 here.

(09 Nov '18, 11:51) aryanc4035★

To maximize participation from maximum institutions - here is your answer!

(09 Nov '18, 11:57) chaitanyach53★

Compare us with other regionals, no of unique teams in our regional are more than any other regional in India.

(09 Nov '18, 12:00) aryanc4035★

Where to find capping size for each institution in amritapuri website ? @aryanc403


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:01

skpuri's gravatar image

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edited 09 Nov '18, 12:03


cap = 0
for( auto college : set of unique colleges)
cap = max(cap,college.filter(rank<=437).size())

print cap

(09 Nov '18, 12:04) aryanc4035★

So they just selected top 437 teams and said that maximum number of teams from institution is capping? They are only selecting the top teams, capping should be predefined like they will select only top 5 or top 10 teams from each institution .

(09 Nov '18, 12:12) skpuri4★

Where is the cap? Is this a joke?

  • International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad - 17 Teams
  • IIT Bombay - 16 Teams
  • IIT Madras - 16 Teams
  • IIT Roorkee - 13 Teams
  • Many more colleges with 10+ Teams in the selection list

Is this selection fair? What is the cap that they have put? Do they just want colleges from the higher tier to participate?


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:02

jaymodi98's gravatar image

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Is maximizing college principal fair ??

(09 Nov '18, 12:06) aryanc4035★

What do you mean by selection is fair? I didnt know that selection on basis of merit is unfair :)

(09 Nov '18, 12:24) vijju123 ♦♦5★

It is a good thing that good teams have qualified. Don't crib regarding this matter. Better work hard so that next time, you can do well.

(09 Nov '18, 14:27) adityaghosh9966★

Accept the fact that 16 teams from IITB, 16 from IITM, 13 from IITR - All performed better than you.
College should not matter at all. It's performance that should matter.
Do you like someone getting selected but you are not selected although you performed better than them ?

(09 Nov '18, 15:09) babangain3★

My friend had contacted amritapuri. They said the cap was 25.

Their exact reply


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:47

rituraj22's gravatar image

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edited 09 Nov '18, 13:00

The site says the total number of slots is 250,but how come 279 teams are selected?


answered 09 Nov '18, 13:00

siva41's gravatar image

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What about Kolkata region ? They have the different criteria or same as of amrita ? Cap = 25?..


answered 09 Nov '18, 15:35

himanshu_1911's gravatar image

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They take top 1 per college. Read their criteria at their official website.

(09 Nov '18, 17:33) vijju123 ♦♦5★

The capping in last year onsite regional selection was 20. It is evident from .

But the same cap for this year's contest has turned out to give favor to top tier institutions. The cap size should have been updated given this year's unusual online round. Even if they'd would have selected those teams solving 2 question this year that'd have been reasonable but they have even selected students solving 1 question only from IITs and IIITs. If you are selecting those teams from a college who are capable to solve more than 1 question and that number is quite large then why would want to select those who were able to solve only 1 question from that same place. This clearly violates what is written on their website "Selection of teams is according to the rank and those who have solved most number of problems are given priority. There will be a cap on maximum number of teams selected from one single institution."

This has led to a very biased selection and there are some not so popular colleges which if given a little push and encouragement could probably excel. But no, everyone wants to go only for top tier institutions. This is very heart breaking.

Also, the email id button on their website is not working. There is no post on their facebook page(which btw is not accepting messages) regarding this year's online or onsite regionals. Their twitter page has last post of 2008. So there is no way to communicate them. And now seeing here -ve upvotes on questions like this, which are needed to be addressed is even more heartbreaking :(


answered 09 Nov '18, 12:47

polymorphis007's gravatar image

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edited 09 Nov '18, 13:00


But no, everyone wants to go only for top tier institutions. This is very heart breaking.

Selection was not done by looking at college. All selected teams worked hard. Let me reword your issue to a more honest representation-

"But no, everyone wants top coders who worked hard the entire year and no one wants us who solved 1 cakewalk problem. This is heart breaking."

With due respect, you got 3 regionals selecting top from each college, leave Amritapuri out of it please. If you arent even selected in those, then I see no reason for you to crib about. Merit based selection is never unfair.

(09 Nov '18, 13:16) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Just making this clear, what you call "some not so popular colleges which if given a little push and encouragement could probably excel" would have been at cost of some eligible team in top 400 which, according to ranklist, deserved more than you to be there. Look at both sides of argument, and last, if you are calling merit based selection unfair then think what you are going to do in future phases of life where people only want merit and talent.

(09 Nov '18, 13:18) vijju123 ♦♦5★

If you have already selected teams solving two 2 questions and that too in good quantity from an institution then selecting those who have solved 1 question only from the same place, is quite contradicting to "Selection of teams is according to the rank and those who have solved most number of problems are given priority." I know they have solved that 1st question quickly and that's why their rank is higher but from their college itself many teams have already solved more than 1 that means they aren't the best crowd from their college so why not give chance to different institutions instead?

(09 Nov '18, 13:33) polymorphis0074★

I get your point, but again you can in now way claim it breaks their rule of "Selection is according to rank.". Cap set is 25 and hence is followed as well. We cannot demerit selection by talent/rank/merit in anyway.

(09 Nov '18, 14:36) vijju123 ♦♦5★

"Select the top ranked team from each distinct school or institute.

Arrange all these top ranked teams with respect to their performance in the Preliminary Round. Select teams from the top as long as the Onsite Contest slots are available and the list is not exhausted.

In case it is found that the number of selected teams in this process is less than the available slots, remove selected teams from the Rank List and repeat"

what's your excuse for this?


answered 09 Nov '18, 15:19

chaitanyach5's gravatar image

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The "excuse" is that it was last years criteria not this year. :) Update yourself to latest news :)

(09 Nov '18, 17:30) vijju123 ♦♦5★

My question for people who are saying we don't deserve to be in regionals- If you can't even top in your own college how come you are being deserved?

No offence


answered 09 Nov '18, 18:09

chaitanyach5's gravatar image

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If you can't even top in your own college how come you are being deserved?

If you cant even come in top 400 ranks how come you are being deserved?

(09 Nov '18, 18:28) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Anyway, sticking to side of being rational in debate, what is your criteria of being "deserving"? Just topping the college seems enough? Even if you are literally the only team at the college? Whats your issue if multiple good coders from same institute get a chance to compete at onsite, especially when you cant even make it to top 400?

(09 Nov '18, 18:32) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Whats your issue if multiple good coders from same institute get a chance to compete at onsite, especially when you cant even make it to top 400?----- exactly I don't have any issue but when the contest was over these people were like "speed test" "typing test" right? After being selected What happened to the speed test thing? So they agree they just passed the speed test to get selected?

(09 Nov '18, 18:41) chaitanyach53★

Anyways congrats to people who got selected, all the best for regionals,do well :-):-)

(09 Nov '18, 18:41) chaitanyach53★
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