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same solution for COLLECT in june long

view this two solutions link text

andlink text

asked 18 Jun '13, 16:56

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How do you find these people? :O


answered 18 Jun '13, 17:03

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i was just randomly seeing some solutions........and found these two

(18 Jun '13, 17:17) princerk3★
@all )) Let's start using website.
Just go to the website and below the webpage there is button "↑   show LeetCode coding panel   ↑" .
It currently allows C++ and Java Code only.
But it can be quite helpful in stopping cheating for the time being(until API's or any such thing are developed)

answered 18 Jun '13, 22:26

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And now I am the victim. This guy @random_a copied my solution from You can check timestamp of both the solutions.

Mine is 6:28 PM 13/06/13

@random_a : 8:55 PM 13/06/13

@princerk FYI there is one other user who copied my solution, which you failed to find is

@newton12 : 9:54 PM 13/06/13

P.S. I did not report this because it is their loss that they are copying other's solution not mine.


answered 18 Jun '13, 22:48

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