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WA :Maximize It

Problem :

My Solution :

Working well with most of my Testcases ; Please help !

asked 24 Nov '18, 22:39

prembharwani's gravatar image

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It does not work for the following simple test case:

5 2
1 1 3 3 8
Your code generates 3, while it should be 4.

The code has multitude of problems, starting with

        int n,k;
        char numbers[n+1];
        int sum=0,sum1=0,prod=1,fprod=1,res=0,p;
        for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
            int num=1;
            for(int j=0;j<p;j++) {
1. You define array numbers[n+1] at the moment when n is not properly initialized yet. 2. You store values of powers of p in char which is limited by 127.

What's the most interesting is that your code is still able to solve some of the test cases.


answered 24 Nov '18, 23:54

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edited 24 Nov '18, 23:55

@oleg_b Thank You ! Even 'long long int' won't work for storing the values of the (integer)^(power) , Please correct me if I am wrong ?

(25 Nov '18, 07:14) prembharwani2★

Yes, 'long long int' does not have sufficient capacity. The approach should be quite different - you need to represent the numbers in the base of k. For example, if k is 10, then 10^100 is a vector with 101 elements, all of them are zeros, except the last one which is 1.

(25 Nov '18, 17:24) oleg_b7★
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