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Topcoder T-shirt

[SOLVED]Hello everybody. recently i won a topcoder t-shirt in TCO 2018, but i want give it to indian programmer and i can not accept this. if you want topcoder t-shirt send me your email address here and i contact you, so if you verify that you are indian and give complete address for topcoder form, so i fill form and it send for you, this information is need from you; First Name * , Last Name * , Address Line 1 * , Address Line 2 * , Country * , City * , State Pin Code/ Zip Code Phone Country Code (Ex: +1 for United States of America) Contact Number (Without Country Code) T-Shirt Size *(XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL)[you must participated in at least one contest of codechef and be rated to sure you are programmer!] T-shrit TCO marathon 2018 is for codingalways with email: , i write a random program and run it among all email and codingalways won T-shirt

asked 06 Dec, 16:08

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edited 06 Dec, 23:13


update; every body can send email here, i will choose one with random from all person said email here, and email his/him.

(06 Dec, 16:35) userhacker4★

Its better if you ask them to fill some form or something, I am not much favoring in sharing of sensitive info (email comes under that afaik) on the forum.

(06 Dec, 18:15) vijju123 ♦♦5★

ok every one do not like say email, send me an message in codeforces :

(06 Dec, 18:29) userhacker4★

Why not host a contest and give it to the winner? XD T-shirts should be won, not given :)

(06 Dec, 19:12) abdullah7686★


answered 06 Dec, 17:17

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you won t-shirt!

(06 Dec, 23:07) userhacker4★


answered 06 Dec, 18:13

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@abdullah768 is right. Host a contest PLEASSEEEE <3


answered 06 Dec, 20:29

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