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Getting java NZEC error on codechef compiler

Guys i am trying to solve the DAG Delete problem of December contest. My code runs perfectly fine on my computer and i have tested it for multiple cases. I have also made sure that everything is properly initialized and checked for corner cases too. Earlier i was using too much memory and even that is not the case now. Please tell me what are the not so common reasons where you people got Run Time Error or how should i proceed with debugging my code.

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asked 09 Dec '18, 16:52

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can you provide test cases for which you are getting error


answered 15 Dec '18, 09:13

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I am facing the same problem in directing edges question. any suggestions?


answered 15 Dec '18, 13:43

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hi i have tried to solve this package it's working fine when i try it but when i upload the answer i get NZEC so plz someone help! this is my code java application1; import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) {

Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
int arr[][] = new int[100][2];

int x = sc.nextInt();
int y = sc.nextInt();

int ii = 0;
while ((x!=-1)&&(y!=-1)){
    arr[ii][0] = x;
    arr[ii][1] = y;
     x = sc.nextInt();
 y = sc.nextInt();

for (int i = 0; i < ii; i++) {

        x = arr[i][0];

        y = arr[i][1];
        if ((x == 1) || (y == 1)){

            System.out.println(x + "+" + y + "=" + (x + y));

else{ System.out.println(x + "+" + y + " !=" + (x + y)); } }

} }


answered 17 Jan, 14:46

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