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collision problem- can i get help please ?

i have a problem, i need some explanation for how to fix it, can i get some help please ? full problem:

collision problem: there are n particles numbered from 0 to n-1 lined up from smallest to largest ID along the x-axis. the particles are all released simultaneously. once released, each particle travels indefinitely in a straight line along the positive x-axis at a speed. when two particles collide, the faster particle moves through the slower particles and they both continue moving without changing speed or direction. write a function that return the number of collision occurring with particle pos. collision has the following parameters: speed[speed[0] ... speed[n-1]]: an array of speed[i] indication speed of particle i. pos: index of the particle for which to count collisions. constraints * 1 <= n <= 100000 * 1 <= speed[i] <= 1000000000 * 0 <= pos< n

input: 8 6 1 6 3 4 6 8 2

output: 2

explanation: the particle at pos = 2 will collide with particle 0 and 1 as they pass it from behind.

asked 16 Dec '18, 04:08

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