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What does WA mean in a challenge problem?

Problem: I am getting WA in this. This is the first time I'm attempting a challenge problem. I had the impression that challenge problems have only approximate solutions so whatever value of S I print I'd get a zero(though this is not what I did actually). What does WA mean here? Is it that a smaller value of S exist? Isn't that impossible to find in the given time limit? Please explain the concept of challenge problems to me. Thanks!

asked 16 Dec '18, 16:34

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In the scoring section . it is clearly mentioned However, if your program gets a non-AC verdict on any test file, your submission's verdict will be non-AC. you have to print the the value of min number of steps and regarding division , it is a float/floar division giving a float result . that's why people are getting score in decimals .


answered 17 Dec '18, 12:15

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