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Fighting Armies (ARMYFGT)

I am unable to solve ARMYFGT. Complexity of my program is as expected but It is throwing TLE. Please, Someone help me out.

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asked 02 Jan, 16:59

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bro can you explain the logic behind it @akashdeep18


answered 02 Jan, 18:49

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I first calculated the lcm of all the values in the rebel army, then i tried to find out the first multiple of lcm in given range of kings army(stored it in s) and then the final multiple of lcm(stored it in e), and then I found total multiples of the lcm in given range(by using c=((e-s)/lcm)+1 and stored in c) by e then I subtracted c from total no. of soldiers in kings army.@karun369

(02 Jan, 19:24) akashdeep184★

LCM is not O(1), especially if your numbers are having like 1000+ digits. Try breaking after your LCM reaches the upper limit.


answered 02 Jan, 20:03

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Thankyou @arvindpunk your suggestion helped got AC.

(02 Jan, 20:11) akashdeep184★
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