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What is the meaning of pairwise distinct integers?

I am a newbie on Codechef. Any help will be appreciated :) If it is given in the problem statement that : "All elements of the given array are pairwise distinct, does it mean that all the elements of the array are distinct ?" Thanks in advance! :)

asked 04 Jan, 20:02

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It means that each pair of integers in the sequence are distinct. In other words, there are no 2 integers in the sequence that are the same.

Eg: 2,4,3 follows this whereas 2,4,3,4 does not ( because there is a pair of integers that are NOT distinct namely 3,3 ).

(05 Jan, 01:05) psaini724★

pairwise distinct means that,each element can't be repeat more than once.

Ex: 1 2 200 345 12 45 ---> In this one,all are pairwise distinct.

1 2 200 200 12 12 ---> This is not pairwise distinct since, 200 12 are occur 2 times each.


answered 2 days ago

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