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Invitation to IUPC(model ICPC) by LNM-IIT on codechef


Do you have the spontaneous rationality to solve problems? Do you like to be logically challenged? Cybros in association with Aavas presents IUPC'19 — a team based Inter-University Programming Competition pertaining to the guidelines of the world famous ACM-ICPC.

We are delighted to invite you to this Coding Competition organised by The LNM Institute of Information Technology – Jaipur, during the two days Techno-Management-Literary Fest Plinth'19 to be held from 19th – 20th January 2019.

The contest shall be a great opportunity for students to test their programming aptitude. This national level programming contest shall assess the intelligence of participants through various rounds. It is an Online Qualifier Round for the Onsite Round to be held during Plinth'19.

There will be 2 rounds to decide the winner: 1. First Round: Online round will be held on 6th January 2019 on Codechef. 2. Second Round: Onsite round will be held at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. More details will be announced later.

The Contest details of IUPC'19 are as follows: - Contest duration will be 5 hours. - Team with a maximum of 3 members is allowed. - Start time: 6th January 2019, 21:00 hrs IST - End time: 7th January 2019, 02:00 hrs IST

Contest Link: click here.

Prizes: 250 laddus to each member of the top 3 teams. Cut off score for the onsite round would be declared after the contest. For prizes and to be eligible to take part in onsite round please register yourself here. Prizes for the onsite round will be released soon.

For further details, feel free to contact us at"> or visit our website

Good luck and have fun.

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Where is the editorial for problems?


answered 12 Jan, 13:48

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Sorry we won't be able to release editorials due to time constraints.
There is a discussion forum on codeforces discussing about problems. Please feel free to ask them, we would respond to your queries asap.


answered 12 Jan, 13:53

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