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Why does down-voting reduce your own Karma points?

I noticed when reviewing my Karma History that everytime I down-voted any content on the forum, my Karma Point was reduced by 1.

I sincerely could not understand the reason behind this. Why get a reduction for improving the community?

I personally feel that this feature should be removed, unless there is genuinely a good reason that I fail to understand.


asked 29 Jan, 18:54

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So that you don't downvote without thinking. It's easy to criticise others, mock them, but appreciating their work is a bit tougher. That's why upvoting has no penalty.

You downvote something when you feel it's bad for the community, but it reduces your karma as a reminder that it's your responsibility not to downvote stuff due to personal reasons, but only if it really deserves to be downvoted. You only unlock this super power after gaining a particular number of karma. It's a reminder to use your super power responsibly.


answered 29 Jan, 23:35

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@akashbhalotia I really like your superpower explanation, but what I was trying to say is that when you downvote questions that are spam, promotional etc. why do you have to suffer? As in check this question out:

(30 Jan, 13:25) arnavvarshney3★

You can simply use report option for those. :)

(30 Jan, 13:36) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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