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Do we get laddus for reporting cheating?

Do we get laddus for reporting cheating in ongoing contest? Like, solution already posted in a site.

asked 07 Feb, 21:01

koulick424's gravatar image

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So you won't report if you don't get laddus? XD


answered 07 Feb, 22:49

vichitr's gravatar image

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Lol XD XD xD

(07 Feb, 22:56) akashbhalotia5★

I actually reported to codechef hours back before asking this question. I just wanted to know. Damn, I need laddus for getting a codechef t shirt. XD XD

(08 Feb, 04:02) koulick4242★

No. You won't get any laddus for reporting cheating :P


answered 07 Feb, 21:04

aryanc403's gravatar image

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Damn i would make more ids and report them.


answered 07 Feb, 23:48

yaminote's gravatar image

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Then YOU should be reported to make fake ids. :P

(07 Feb, 23:54) vichitr5★

That's a great idea we can all collaborate and earn laddus this way, reporting one another lol lets ask the admin to give laddus for reporting someone.

(08 Feb, 07:36) yaminote4★

Why do you wanna earn laddus this way? Write good answers or perform well in contests. You will get them all.

(08 Feb, 12:20) vichitr5★

man i was just kidding. lol u got serious.

(13 Feb, 21:21) yaminote4★
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