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Chef and Magical Jars| Video Editorial| (MAGICJAR)

Problem: Chef and Magical Jars
From: Feburary Long Challange 2019 division 2
Video Editorial: LINK

Video available at 3:00 PM

asked 11 Feb, 00:26

ulti72's gravatar image

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edited 13 Feb, 19:57

Super Quick :P

(11 Feb, 12:17) aman_robotics6★

The contest has been extended by 2 days. You are requested to delay the premier by 48 hours.


answered 11 Feb, 12:15

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0★admin ♦♦
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Rectifying mistakes is OK,but extending the long challenge by 2 freaking days?! So unfair. 1 day can be understood. And this has happened so many times before as well. I request you to not make long challenges into "Super Long Challenge" :(

(11 Feb, 13:03) karangreat2345★

Done! thanks for the info

(11 Feb, 13:29) ulti722★

Thank you for quick action @ulti72.

@karangreat234 : We completely understand you. We will make sure that the extention of contest is avoided in future.

(11 Feb, 13:32) admin ♦♦0★

Long challenges have become miserable... Every month it keeps extending...

(11 Feb, 15:06) ankush_9534★

I genuinely dont understand why there is so much apathy towards extension of long challenge. And the only relevant reason I found was "We want to see editorials and upsolve." . Apart from that none of the reasons made sense.

(11 Feb, 19:42) vijju123 ♦♦5★

One more rant(reason) from my side
The contest was technically over for me 5 days ago.
These 2 days will basically cost me ~10 ranks and few laddus. :P

(11 Feb, 23:59) aryanc4035★

"Everything in this world has a date and time of completion".If things are not completed on time, it reflects how responsible Codechef is. I'll explain how painful it is for Div-2 participants. There are 15k+ participants submitting solutions to challenges. If a guy devotes all his 10 days and reaches rank of say,3k,after an extension of 2 days, it will change to 4k. Now, just think, what does he go through?(guessrt had 350+ submissions on the 9th day of the contest).Submission rate increases rapidly as more days promote more cheating and discussion among students of colleges to solutions.

(12 Feb, 00:00) karangreat2345★

It even severely affects people with good ranks like me. I spent a sleepless night to make my solution to the challenge problem better and better and better than other 515 people, and reached a rank of - '18' . Now, 2 days more have been added. My rank can go beyond 100 if I don't keep on optimizing hard for the next 2 days. :( Hope you understand our pain. :-(

(12 Feb, 00:00) karangreat2345★

why don't you use that extra time and increase your rank ?
It also affects me in the same way... but I think all are getting same time at the end and the people utilizing it correctly will get good ranks...

(13 Feb, 11:51) l_returns5★

PS: my long challenge was completed in less than one day... It only took me about 5 hrs for getting this score...

(13 Feb, 11:52) l_returns5★
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