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[closed] Confusion on time clock of FEB19

I just saw the time left for contest to end it shows 2 days .
It is really 2 days or 2 hours ..

:) :) :)

asked 11 Feb, 14:44

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closed 11 Feb, 15:44

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5★vijju123 ♦♦

2 days.. :D
enjoy contest for two more days :)

(11 Feb, 14:53) l_returns5★

ya 1 complete 100AC from 40AC to be done for getting laddus

(11 Feb, 14:55) crackercode3★

Why my post has been flagged ?

(11 Feb, 15:58) crackercode3★

Perhaps because it was redundant as the announcement in contest page clearly said the reason.

(11 Feb, 19:41) vijju123 ♦♦5★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Please go through contest announcements." by vijju123 11 Feb, 15:44

You should read the announcements. Latest says -
<copy-pasted> 11/02/2019, 12:12 hrs IST: Due to the issues in CHORCKIT, the contest is being extended by 2 days. </copy-pasted>


answered 11 Feb, 15:09

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