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When will be the editorials be disscussed?


When will be the editorials be disscussed?
how much time will it take.
I am waiting for CHORCKIT problem editorial it was a hard one.



asked 13 Feb, 23:36

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edited 14 Feb, 19:54

Generally there is no editorial for challenge problem by official editorialist. However other users may share their approach but completely depends on individuals.
For most of other problems, many people have posted unofficial editorials already. Also official editorials have been published for some questions. See here.


answered 14 Feb, 02:16

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edited 14 Feb, 02:16

are you sure that editorials will not be provided if it is then it's not fair at all.

(14 Feb, 18:11) crackercode3★

Editorials are provided for all other problems except challenge problem. And CHORCKIT is challenge problem so yeah surely there is no editorial. Because there exist no perfect solution as it was an NP Complete problem. And there is no polynomial time solution for NP Complete problems. That's why score is relative in challenge problems.

(14 Feb, 18:49) vichitr5★

ya but the good one can be shared

(14 Feb, 19:15) crackercode3★

That depends on the person who solved it.

(14 Feb, 20:37) vichitr5★
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