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what was the logic to get 100 pts for TREASURE HUNT in march long challenge?

I could only get 30 pts with dp i have seen other ppl submission but dont know the logic they are using

asked 14 Mar, 12:32

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You need to find the number of cells that can be independently changed. All the other cells are determined once you find those. Because you can choose those x cells, the number of possibilities is $2^x$.

Make each cell a variable and using the number system integers mod 2, you can represent all the constraints as a linear system of equations. Each equation is essentially an xor operation.

The system equations form a matrix. You can then solve using Gaussian elimination to find the rank of that matrix, which gives the number of independent equations in that system. If there are n cells, than the number of independent variables is $x = n - rank(matrix)$. Compute $2^x mod (10^9+7)$.


answered 14 Mar, 14:14

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I also passed it that way but won't the complexity of this be O(n^3). Even with bitset optimisation it will be 900^3/64 and there are 100 testcases. Is my assumption correct or am I missing something here ??

(14 Mar, 20:40) sdssudhu6★
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