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A humble request to all On-line IDE users!

This is just a request to all the ideone users or users of ne such online IDEs..please keep the visibility of your codes to user's so that no1 can search for it..this is just to avoid cheating cases in the current long contest...thanks and lets have a cheating free long contest...:)

asked 06 Jul '13, 10:27

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Hello Everyone,

As we have ide available on CodeChef, I'd request all of you to use the same. All the codes executed using ide are private and self destructed. This will help us reduce the cheating cases due to public visibility of codes.


answered 06 Jan '15, 12:28

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Also if you want to use ideone desperately , make sure to use ideone private.

also install this plugin

google chrome plugin to make sure you donot left your code as public

happy and safe code .


answered 06 Jan '15, 21:39

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