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Checking answers

Is there a way to check the answers codechef is producing for our code?

I get a wrong answer when I try removing the NZEC error(in java).If I could get a detailed report I can debug it easily.Is it possible to do it here as the code runs fine on my local machine?

asked 22 Jul '12, 12:38

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Why didn't you put your title as "Is there a way to check the answers codechef is producing for our code?"

(13 Aug '12, 17:14) tyrant2★

Answer to your question:

No. Codechef currently doesn't provide the inputs for which your code doesn't give the expected output. You are supposed to look for mistakes in your code and correct them.

My two cents:

Yes, It is easy to debug your code if you know where your code fails. But, Isn't it a good exercise for you to figure out a subtle bug in your code ?

You will learn how to reason critically about your code and how it would behave on various inputs. I think its a critical skill in real world projects, and at least as important as the problem solving(algorithm) skills.


answered 31 Jul '12, 02:43

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edited 31 Jul '12, 02:47

yeah I figured out now the real cause of those issues :) testing is fun :)

(11 Aug '12, 16:27) bladeshark2★
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