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Delay in codechef long rating ??

More than 5 days have passed and still no update. why is it taking so long for rating to come out ???

asked 16 Jul '13, 16:04

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edited 22 Jul '13, 04:58

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Now it's 7 days :P

(21 Jul '13, 10:49) sobhagya3★

I m surprised, Short ratings are updated before long

(22 Jul '13, 00:20) behalgitanshu3★

All previous assumptions and possibilities failed... just email me when ranking gets updated.

(22 Jul '13, 00:48) sobhagya3★


We regret the delay. The ratings will be calculated on Sunday before the CookOff.

NOTE: The July Long Challenge will be updated tomorrow - Monday! We apologize for this extended delay. :(

EDIT: The ratings have finally been corrected and updated. There was a bug in the previous rating calculation. The June ratings have been recalculated taking into account a few more reported cases of cheating. So you may see a slight increase in your rating points. Please send us an email to for any issues.


answered 21 Jul '13, 01:10

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edited 23 Jul '13, 18:08


finally admin answered in the forum :)

(21 Jul '13, 08:55) ravishanker3★

all hail admin

(21 Jul '13, 11:35) a9393j0073★

An hour to the CookOff. Interesting.

(21 Jul '13, 20:16) ash17944★

yep..i dnt thing ratings will ever be updated :P

(21 Jul '13, 20:18) honeyslawyer5★

@admin: thnks for the information :)

(22 Jul '13, 01:20) ravishanker3★

It's Monday & still no change :(

(22 Jul '13, 14:30) imranraad4★
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its 5 update still... :-/


answered 20 Jul '13, 13:32

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this was my first long contest...and thanks to this, every last bit of my excitement has been drained..:P


answered 20 Jul '13, 23:46

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Please do not get so disheartened @dcod. We truly regret the delay.

(21 Jul '13, 02:59) admin ♦♦0★

@admin Is it possible to know the reason of the delay? reply only if you dont want to keep it a secret.

(21 Jul '13, 03:33) kcahdog3★

Yes indeed. There is nothing to hide. We wanted to resolve all the reported cases of cheating (both in the month of June and July). Unfortunately it took long and we got busy with other tasks too. There is quite a bit on our plate. But we still regret the delay and apologize for the same. We understand that the calculation should have happened much earlier as everyone who took part is eagerly waiting for it.

(21 Jul '13, 04:05) admin ♦♦0★

Its okay...but can u tel me the exact date

(21 Jul '13, 17:17) dcod4★

@dcod Probably, they are updating today before the cook-off.

(21 Jul '13, 18:10) sobhagya3★

@admin : i think codechef should keep some software that may detect at the time of submission if a solution of one user matches the solution of some another user,then at that particular time that user must be disqualified to participate in the contest or for the first attempt to cheat he/she must be warned for submitting a copied solution.This will not only save your time , but also prevent others from cheating....Please reason out if my suggestion is wrong fron any point...thank you..:)


answered 21 Jul '13, 10:45

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@admin:One more thing...Codechef must keep some procedure or ask for some identity at the time of account creation so that a user can have a single account only.This will increase the authenticity ,prevent creation of fake accounts and also make it very genuine for all of us to judge our rank much more accurately and precisely.Please suggest ,any idea will be appreciated and please correct me if I am wrong..:)..:D

(21 Jul '13, 16:14) blacklisted3★

another (1/2)long contest can be held in this duration of time . LOL


answered 20 Jul '13, 13:38

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It's taking too long this time. Now, even i don't know what is the reason behind this delay. All we can do is wait... wait... and wait...

(20 Jul '13, 14:31) sobhagya3★

i probably need to edit my post to 5 days instead of one . :P

(20 Jul '13, 14:40) a9393j0073★

There seems to be some issue in the calculation of ratings. We are investigating this and we deeply regret this to say that it will take us one more day to fix this inconsistency. Please bear with us for one more day! We are sorry.


answered 22 Jul '13, 23:25

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@admin No problem. Take your time. We know you have so much on your shoulders.

(22 Jul '13, 23:35) viaan2★

@admin , i guess you too are enjoying your summer holidays.....never mind everyone needs a break! :D


answered 21 Jul '13, 00:25

priyanshuid's gravatar image

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:) We would certainly like too have some holidays. But, unfortunately, there is so much to be done.

(21 Jul '13, 02:58) admin ♦♦0★

And also, still missing ALL THESE EDITORIALS!! already so many days have past since contest is over...

  • Furik and Rubik and Sub Array FARASA 118 7.26
  • Needles and Pins NPIN 12 2.97
  • Across the River RIVPILE 80 10.89
  • Sereja and Sorting SEASOR 444 64.65

answered 21 Jul '13, 06:19

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Gone are the days when the first thing you did on opening your browser,was logging in to Facebook or Googling. Now its checking your Codechef profile for the updated ratings...:P...



answered 23 Jul '13, 09:10

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I think there are many cheating cases as were for the last month. So they need to be resolved before the ratings can be updated.


answered 16 Jul '13, 17:34

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Actually, they are checking the cheating cases. And it's take time. So that's why you are not able to see the updated rating. The rating will be updated in 2-3 days.


answered 16 Jul '13, 17:49

sobhagya's gravatar image

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all we can do is wait .

(16 Jul '13, 17:51) a9393j0073★

could it be possible that admin is rechecking the submissions for GALACTIK problem and hence this much delay this time ???


answered 19 Jul '13, 12:58

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@a9393j007: the reason for the delay in the rating is that they are looking into some of the reported cheating cases and only after completely looking into them they will be updating the ranking. So it might take a day or two more. I think its not possible that they will rejudge the GALACTIK submission.

(19 Jul '13, 14:00) ravishanker3★

thnx for clarification @ravishanker

(19 Jul '13, 14:34) a9393j0073★

@admin what is wrong with you guys?...short contest ratings updated so quickly...long ko lekar itna bhav kyu kha rahe ho?..:P


answered 22 Jul '13, 00:23

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being an indian, and having learnt hindi, i understand this. but, don't you think english would be understandable by all?? :P :P

(22 Jul '13, 00:26) tijoforyou2★

why you being so possesive about long ratings....that works ryt?...:D...:P @tijoforyou

(22 Jul '13, 00:30) dcod4★

hey @dcod, if you are really interested in knowledge, then why are you crying for the ratings, codechef has given lot of knowledge to we people participating here from many such past competitions, but I dont know why people like u love to cry for ratings, it looks as if it is the only thing you are participating in the competitions on codechef, its disguisting to see when people like u make a mountain of a molehill... simply disheartning

(22 Jul '13, 00:46) devanshug4★

@devanshug ,who is talking to u

(22 Jul '13, 01:39) dcod4★

I dont like argue on such things, but for your kind information I would like to tell you that you are using "Discussion Forums" for asking your queries which are basically for general discussion, if you are really interested in talking only to "admin" then you can use the mailing id, and stop crying over here

(22 Jul '13, 20:57) devanshug4★

I am Getting Bored.....Still No rating change


answered 22 Jul '13, 00:27

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@all: rating is updated :)


answered 22 Jul '13, 19:01

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