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Uva 272 - Tex Quotes

I wrote the code for the following problem but I keep on getting wrong answers its such a simple problem, but don't know where am I going wrong in my code, here is my code for reference


using namespace std;

int main(){

        string inputString;

        while( getline( cin , inputString ) ){

                int nDoubleQuotes = 0;

                for(int i = 0 ; i < (int)inputString.length() ; ++i){

                    if( inputString[ i ] == '"' ){

                        nDoubleQuotes = nDoubleQuotes%2;

                        if( nDoubleQuotes == 1 )
                            cout << "``";
                            cout << "''";

                        cout << inputString[ i ];

                cout << '\n';


        return 0;

kindly help me identify the anomaly in the code. here is the link to the problem -:

asked 24 Jul '13, 09:36

ankitsablok89's gravatar image

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I think you should process and print each line one by one instead of printing character by character, I tried processing the whole string at once and then printing the entire paragraph but it showed WA, then I tried processing and printing 1 line at a time and it got AC, here's a link to my ACed code, hope it helps :) ,


answered 24 Jul '13, 23:31

v_akshay's gravatar image

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Could you explain why character by character reading gave WA? I had the same problem but I cant find a reason to it.


answered 29 Dec '15, 17:59

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