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How to get started with programming?

Guyz M new To This Community :)... Currently M Studing in 11th Class At Kendriya vidyalaya, Subject Computer Science... I Know The little basic About C++.. Guyz if You Teach me, i will be Thank Full To You

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asked 05 Aug '13, 15:59

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edited 05 Aug '13, 20:10

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good to start in 11th itself. :) u will always receive help in what u need from codechef. Happy coding

(05 Aug '13, 18:24) squal4★

Hi data_mod, Welcome to the community. You can find some useful links that will help you get started with programming here:

(05 Aug '13, 20:11) admin ♦♦0★

u may send ur question and i m ready to help u............


answered 05 Aug '13, 16:39

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there are lots of tutorial sites and free course site are available use them. and if u found in problem then ask here.


answered 05 Aug '13, 16:11

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