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PRIMEDST - long august 13

Hello, I kept on getting NZEC on PRIMEDST with my soln

I figured out that it was StackOverflowError, can someone please help and suggest some way to implement the algorithm in space efficient manner.

asked 13 Aug '13, 03:39

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@code_master01 : StackOverflowError happens when you use recursion and number of times your function is recursing is a little large . It is not necessarily related to space usage . The same code may work perfectly with same space usage if implemented in iterative fashion . I have also experienced StackOverflowError in past for recursive functions and an iterative implementation of same logic has been accepted .


answered 13 Aug '13, 10:12

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edited 13 Aug '13, 10:13

@vineetpaliwal what modifications do u suggest exactly? because i m doing a dfs using recursion, i wonder whether changing it to iterative version (which explicitly uses stack) would be helpful.


answered 13 Aug '13, 12:17

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You are right, just use stack and it will work. FYI, if you were using c++ you could stick with your recursive dfs, but java has it's limits.

(13 Aug '13, 13:08) boochman5★

yes java supports lesser recursive calls.

(20 Aug '13, 00:32) aichemzee4★

most recursive sol give tle

(20 Aug '13, 01:27) akashverma_1233★
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