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newbie in coding world

What all to study so as to code the codechef's problem? What all should a beginner do when he has spent an year of his ug doing nothing?

asked 21 Sep '13, 23:44

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when he has spent an year of his ug doing nothing

Don't think about the past!

Learn from it and don't repeat the same mistake. Utilize your time!

Whatever happened in the past year, forget that, think from a positive side - You still have more time left in your UG than you wasted. The steps I would mention are:

  1. Sharpen your coding skills by solving adhoc problems.
  2. Learn classic algorithms e.g start with learning Divide and Conquer paradigm and implementing few classic algorithms based on that, then moving on to greedy, DP etc.
  3. Practice!

I would mention one thing that I learnt from my Maths prof. : Every night when you go to bed, ask yourself a question What have I learnt today? If you get a satisfactory answer, you will feel happy and motivated for the next day. :)

Conclusion: Practice, ask doubts. We are here to help you! :)


answered 22 Sep '13, 00:25

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thank you :)

(18 Oct '13, 12:13) neo.nish3★
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