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[closed] updating C++ knowledge - help a newbie

Hi everyone, I'm new to competitive programming and i'm quite eager to get started as soon as possible. I learned C++ in my 11th and 12th ( CBSE ) and C in my first year of college. I'm quite comfortable with the C style syntax. However, i heard that C++ has pre built data structures which I can use quite easily. The problem is that my C++ knowledge is obsolete ( we learnt Borland C++ ). So now I have to update my C++ knowledge ( to gcc I think? ) . Can someone guide me as to what to read to do this in shortest time. ( please be as specific as possible)). I would be thankful if you give me links / suggestions on what to read to get familiar with algorithms and data structures.

Thanks in advance!!

asked 03 Oct '13, 14:25

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closed 03 Oct '13, 15:05

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question" by sobhagya 03 Oct '13, 15:05

Check this post.


answered 03 Oct '13, 15:04

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