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Problem with codechef solution visiblity.

Is there any problem with codechef ? I am not able to see even my submitted answer how it is possible? For the cases when i try to do the old questions with new method and when i want to see my answer, it's not visible for some question it should be Visible at least my solution to me whether Accepted or not...?

asked 30 Sep '12, 11:37

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edited 03 Oct '12, 10:44

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2★suraj_sharma ♦♦


Please put punctuations to make your question readable. At least put a period after each sentence.

(30 Sep '12, 11:42) vinayak garg4★

It is happening with Alkhwarizm'12 only. I think the organizers have disabled solution visibility (public/private). I guess it will be fixed soon.

(30 Sep '12, 11:49) mukulgupta4★

@vinayak garg i think my question is readable rather than checking punctuations if u have answer of this question then discuss it here

(30 Sep '12, 20:45) ab12342★* Check the id of your submission and replace * in the link. It works for me.


answered 30 Sep '12, 17:50

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It is now available for all. Please check it.


answered 03 Oct '12, 10:43

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Sorry for "upping" this old topic, but it seems some problem pages are still misconfigured.

From the page BUTTONS, i can't read others solutions. But, if i get their solution ID, and use the viewsolution page (as explained by flashmt above) it works great. I can read them. It's annoying because the links are not active anyway. It does the same for ARRAYTRM, NUMGAME, MAXCROSS, and so on.

Could please an admin have a look at those problems, to see if anything's wrong, or it's just me ?! :)



answered 22 Dec '12, 22:50

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3★cyberax ♦
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edited 22 Dec '12, 22:56

Hi! Directi has listed the above problems as 'Coding puzzles' that a candidate should solve as a part of selection process if he / she wants to pursue a career / internship in the company. Take a look here : . Hence, the solutions to these problems aren't public. Though, I don't know about MAXCROSS.

(22 Dec '12, 23:09) jigsaw0043★

i know that. but i already solved them (that's why i can see the solutions by the viewsolution page). :)

thx for the directi link anyway, i looked for the list a couple of days ago but couldn't find it.

(22 Dec '12, 23:48) cyberax ♦3★
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