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Small problem in rankings for Oct Cook-Off

I was just going through the rank list for October cook-off and found this :

rank : 134 user: its_dark.

timings for solving as: 02:09:39(6) and -383968:00:00(0) and -383963

I could not find such errors elsewhere in the list but i think there is some definitely some problem with the rank and timing allotted to this user. @admin please check for other such anomalies and make the necessary corrections.

asked 21 Oct '13, 00:22

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This guy made a lot of ac submissions to PPNUM, there must be a bug in calculating the ratings in these kind of situations, you should email to

(21 Oct '13, 00:27) junior944★

I already have reported the problem just after the contest. They said that they are looking after it.

(21 Oct '13, 00:33) devanshug4★

@devanshug thanks for reporting the bug.I was going to report the bug but was searching for other such cases in previous contest. Found none in the past few contests. Guess this must be a one off. Lucky for him, ranking goes from some 500-600 straight to 134!!

(21 Oct '13, 00:41) kcahdog3★
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