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Can anyone kindly explain the logic behind this solution???

Okay so I was solving this October cook off question:

I used simple logic. Like straight forward logic. But I got the much expected TLE. My solution is here: (dont even bother reading it's not worth it... )

So while going through the solutions I found this guy's answer:

I have no idea what on earth has he done! He has used God knows what algorithm!! Can anybody be a lamb and explain what he has done?? I have been trying to figure it out since forever...

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asked 21 Oct '13, 15:57

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I think this post should be more than sufficient to explain the most common approach followed by most users


answered 21 Oct '13, 16:06

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Thanks a lot for the link... i din't know that there was a post already in place

(21 Oct '13, 16:12) thespacedude2★
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