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CodeChef Submit Helper Extension/Addon

Ever tried your hands on past contest problems on CodeChef?

You have to remove the contest name in the address bar and reload the page (which opens the problem in practice mode) before submitting.

This chrome extension adds a submit button to past contest problems so you can directly submit from the contest page itself.

How to install?

  1. Get the extension.

  2. Open chrome://extensions/ in chrome browser.

  3. Drag-and-drop the .crx file on the above page in Google-Chrome.

FireFox Alternative (A GreaseMonkey script)

asked 25 Oct '13, 01:12

swapnilagarwal's gravatar image

accept rate: 12%

edited 26 Oct '13, 03:01

@kcahdog >> .crx files are meant to run only on Chrome/Chromium derived browsers. You just have to drag and drop the file in the extensions in Google Chrome.

(25 Oct '13, 01:32) bugkiller3★

Done. Nice extension.

(25 Oct '13, 01:36) kcahdog3★

A very simple attempt, and nicely done @swapnilagarwal. Keep up the work in some more innovative ideas. Good Luck.


answered 25 Oct '13, 01:33

bugkiller's gravatar image

accept rate: 9%

thanks.. this is my first chrome extension :)

(25 Oct '13, 01:48) swapnilagarwal5★

@swapnilagarwal Small problem with the extension. If i open my main profile page, it shows a submit button there also which leads to nowhere. Try to correct that if possible.


answered 25 Oct '13, 16:02

kcahdog's gravatar image

accept rate: 14%

thanks for reporting the issue.. :) The extension has been updated. Please install the latest version.

(25 Oct '13, 23:44) swapnilagarwal5★

That was fast!! All working fine.great work.

(26 Oct '13, 00:14) kcahdog3★
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