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Attempt any past contest without getting any unintentional information about the problems beforehand

This is a follow-up of this post.

A past contest's page shows number of successful submissions and accuracy for all problems. For a user who attempts the problem-set later, the stats shown can unintentionally influence him/her to solve a particular problem before others. This extension sets these stats to zero so that the user can get a feel of a live contest.

How to install?

  1. Download the extension.

  2. Open chrome://extensions/ in chrome browser.

  3. Drag-and-drop the .crx file on the above page in Google-Chrome.

FireFox Alternative (A GreaseMonkey script)

asked 26 Oct '13, 06:15

swapnilagarwal's gravatar image

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closed 26 Oct '13, 22:11

anup's gravatar image

2★anup ♦♦

Why have another question on this? Is there something new that you are asking or informing the users here?

(26 Oct '13, 22:11) anup ♦♦2★

@anup sir, This extension is to hide previous submissions and statistics of contest problems while that one was to bring a submit button on the problem page.

(26 Oct '13, 22:24) kcahdog3★

@anup As @kcahdog pointed out, this isn't a duplicate. Please consider removing "The question has been closed for the following reason: Duplicate of ..".

(27 Oct '13, 01:13) swapnilagarwal5★

Ah, I see. Sorry about not seeing the details. Since this is an extension of the previous one, can the functionality not be combined in the same extension?

(27 Oct '13, 01:48) anup ♦♦2★

the 2 have different functionalities. I installed the previous one but not this one.Depends on choice of each one. I think it is better to keep them separate.

(27 Oct '13, 02:06) kcahdog3★

How to drop the .crx file on the extension page....


answered 27 Oct '13, 07:36

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edited 27 Oct '13, 07:37

Follow this link.

(27 Oct '13, 10:49) swapnilagarwal5★
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