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How to post Editorials of contests hosted by me on CodeChef


I am about to organize a contest for my college on CodeChef via HostYourContest. I want to post the editorials for the same after the contest is over. Is there any guideline or procedure to follow?

asked 30 Oct '13, 12:00

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You need to post the editorials from your own CodeChef id once the contest is over.

Following are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind while posting the editorials :

1. Format :

You need to post the editorials on in wiki markdown.

2. Tags :

Tags field is an important field to allow easy searching of the editorial. You need to enter tags for the editorial as follows:

  • problem name (eg. ak13a)
  • problem difficulty (eg. simple)
  • contest code (eg. alkh2013)
  • the word editorial
  • some relative word from prerequisites section (eg. math, factors,etc)

3. Type :

You need to mark the editorial as Community Wiki by clicking on the community wiki check box.

4. Template :

Template for the Editorial can be found here.

You must not miss on reading a very awesome write up on How to make a good editorial by Pradeep George Mathias.


answered 30 Oct '13, 12:53

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I'm trying to upload the editorial of a contest hosted by me. It seems I don't have enough karma to post . What do I do?


answered 16 Oct '15, 12:25

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