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College wise ranking on contest page


Hello friends,
As everyone might be knowing already about Codechef college wise ranking website present on
Here is it's Chrome plugin, now you can just see ranks without going anywhere on Contest Page only.

Download it from :

For those who are unable to install it on one go as extension isn't hosted on official Chrome store, they can follow these simple steps :
1. Open Chrome's extensions page in your browser by pasting


into your address bar and pressing Enter.

2. Drag and drop the extension you just downloaded into the Chrome extensions page.
3. Done, enjoy the plugin..

Codechef ranking

Soon it will be available for Firefox too.
Reviews and ratings are most welcomed. :)

Facebook page for more updates.

Snapshot from Chrome store.. :)

asked 04 Nov '13, 19:38

skbly7's gravatar image

accept rate: 8%

edited 19 Jun '14, 15:31

great work !!

(05 Nov '13, 01:31) avastpulkit3★

The chrome extension of Codechef Ranking is live again..!!

Check out and install the updated version of the plugin from chrome store now to resolve all the problems.
Link :

Don't forget to rate us.. :P
Happy programming.. :)

(17 Jun '14, 01:53) skbly72★

@skbly7 How do I add my college to the list? The add college form says it's no longer accepting responses.

(17 Jun '14, 09:18) qu1ckdeath1★

@qu1ckdeath your college has been successfully added.. :)
Happy programming.. :)

(19 Jun '14, 15:27) skbly72★

Thank you!

(19 Jun '14, 15:34) qu1ckdeath1★

@skbly7 My college name also is not visible on the drop-down list.Kindly update the list.

(20 Jun '14, 08:18) mithunmk934★

The extension doesn't show correct score for Lunchtime contests. It shows 99.9999 irrespective of the actual score of the participant. Please correct the bug :)

(20 Jun '14, 13:10) shivam17295★

@shivam1729 thanks alot man for telling this problems.. :D
After trying to find mistake for sometime i finally found i had coloum of score as : FLOAT(6,4)
Thats why it never went above 99.9999... :P
I have dropped all tables of LTIME and reconstructed them, the bug has been fixed... :)

(21 Jun '14, 18:14) skbly72★

some bug in college wise ranking extension. It is not showing correct ranks for May Cook-Off 2014... My rank was 385 and my collegemate's rank was 465 but it's showing hiS rank above me... please correct the bug :)

(27 Jun '14, 12:49) grayhathacker5★
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Hi @skbly7. I liked the extension very much but i felt that it should be positioned below the Actual overall rank list as college ranks change less frequently and need to be seen once or twice at max in a day. It would be great if this would be done.

Anyways great work. keep it up.


answered 04 Nov '13, 19:45

kcahdog's gravatar image

accept rate: 14%


I thought of doing this initially, but many problems were coming, as the codechef's contest page wasn't having a fix design for each and every contest.
Just for example ACMKAN contest and other closed contests don't know any ranking on the page, and some other variations too..
But still, if some similarity is found, then this change will surely be made . :)

(04 Nov '13, 19:55) skbly72★

Hey the extension is awesome. I guess you need to fix this:

alt text


answered 21 Jun '14, 21:01

gc_nit's gravatar image

accept rate: 0%


Check it out now.. :D
Have fixed it..
You might like the new display.. :)

The most amazing thing is you don't need to update the plugin even.. :P

(21 Jun '14, 22:43) skbly72★

and that's a nice improvisation you've done there! :p

(21 Jun '14, 23:04) gc_nit5★

Hi @skbly7,

Can you remove the dialog from the other pages? I just opened my profile page and a blank list is being shown there. It would be better if it only shows up on the contest pages.


answered 04 Nov '13, 19:50

swapnilagarwal's gravatar image

accept rate: 12%

Thanks to tell me about this, I checked each and every page. And as soon as I found it fine, I shared with you all. But unfortunately, I forgot to check that page.. :P
Changes have been made, and Extension present on website has been updated...New version can be download.. :)

(04 Nov '13, 20:04) skbly72★

That was fast..! All working fine. Keep up the good work.

(04 Nov '13, 20:08) swapnilagarwal5★

The extension isn't working right now. Plz look into the problem.


answered 12 Jun '14, 14:38

sunny210's gravatar image

accept rate: 0%

edited 12 Jun '14, 14:39

Now I have shifted from Firefox to Chrome! Thanks.


answered 12 Jun '14, 17:52

yash_15's gravatar image

accept rate: 2%

hahah congrats.. :P
But soon it would be avilable on firefox too, I am trying to learn making firefox plugins..

(21 Jun '14, 22:44) skbly72★

I cannot find my college Thakur college of Engineering and Technology.When i clicked on add a college it showed it is not accepting any more responses!

Edit : I got message "cannot find db". Hope my college gets added soon!


answered 20 Jun '14, 13:24

tech_boy's gravatar image

accept rate: 7%

edited 20 Jun '14, 13:42

Hi @skbly7

Can you show the accurate rankings as are availaible on and similarly for other contests! Also there is a variation in the ranks on your website and that through the extension please fix that!


answered 04 Nov '13, 21:52

chalubhalu's gravatar image

accept rate: 6%


hey, thanks for review, but actually currently the extension is using that page + some other pages to get updated.
So it is already ranked according to it.. :/
Please share the place/example where you found this problem...

(04 Nov '13, 22:22) skbly72★

many changes have been made in the whole site's script...
Check it out.. :)
You might not get any further problem..

(06 Nov '13, 00:05) skbly72★

Its showing wrong score in my October long contest...I solved 5 probs...but my score is just 4..please check this...


answered 05 Nov '13, 09:05

r3gz3n's gravatar image

accept rate: 0%

everything is fixed.. :)
sorry for problems caused..

(06 Nov '13, 00:04) skbly72★

okay..thanks :)

(06 Nov '13, 09:46) r3gz3n4★

@gc_nit because this contest is yet to be started


answered 21 Jun '14, 21:16

sanzzzay's gravatar image

accept rate: 12%


Yups but i guess he was trying to point out the error message..
Anyways have made an update.. :D

(21 Jun '14, 22:44) skbly72★

@sanzzzay yeah i know that! i just wanted to let him know of the small bug! its perfect now as it used to be! :)

(21 Jun '14, 23:08) gc_nit5★

okay i got it

(21 Jun '14, 23:11) sanzzzay2★

alt text

once again same bug


answered 16 Jul '14, 00:17

sanzzzay's gravatar image

accept rate: 12%

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