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[closed] cheating in december long

These two contenstants seem to be cheating. Exact same scores in the problems and the same order and time in which they solved the problems even the execution time and memory of each and every solution is same!

Please look into this admin.

asked 08 Dec '13, 16:19

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closed 08 Dec '13, 18:17

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Even the similarity in username and surname and the fact that they belong to the same city.

(08 Dec '13, 16:21) chalubhalu4★

@chalubhalu These accounts have same surname bcoz we two are brothers. My elder brother Shobhit studies at NIT Kurukshetra and that account is 2 years old. We use the same username..

@admin please check the codes . They all will be different. Also the logics will be different. You can even check the execution times. the order in which they are submitted and all. Also the solution to challenge problem is the naïve solution that any body can think. SO the timings and scores are same.

(08 Dec '13, 21:31) dragonslayerx5★

@admin @chalubhalu We have the same user name at all top programming sites topcoder code forces etc. Jus being brothers and using the same user names dnt make ur cheaters. Yes, we have the same coding styles bcoz he is the one frm whom I learnt coding . and many algorithmic parts of our codes will be same. You can find the whole code repository at

(08 Dec '13, 21:33) dragonslayerx5★

@chalubhalu Being a beginner u can't charge a top 50 ranking candidate with the blame of cheating. Mind that.

(08 Dec '13, 21:35) dragonslayerx5★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is off-topic or not relevant" by kunal361 08 Dec '13, 18:17

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