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assignment operation on Pointers

Am a absolute beginner in C programming. My doubt is int a=10; int *b;

what is the difference between

b=a; and b=&a; ?

asked 20 Oct '12, 23:55

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b=a ... will result in b pointing to the memory location of 10 ( which is the value of a ), value of b will have some undefined value.
b=&a .... will result in b pointing to the location of a . hence
b will have the value 10 .


answered 21 Oct '12, 12:08

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b=a is a assignment statement which assigns the value of a to b. In the other case b=&a is a pointer notation a=10 is stored in a particular location and the address of the location is assigned to b.In other words b points the location of a.


answered 21 Oct '12, 00:55

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