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[closed] cin works but getchar() doesn't while taking a char input

these are my two solutions for marblegf during december long challange.

look at both the solutions. the only difference is when i used getchar_unlocked() in taking an input for character in every test case, resulted me as a wrong answer. whereas when i changed it to cin it is accepted.

can anyone pls explain why does that happen. where does getchar() result wrong in taking a character.

asked 25 Dec '13, 13:32

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accept rate: 24%

closed 28 Dec '13, 14:17

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The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by kunal361 28 Dec '13, 14:17

i had also got that error....this soln got AC...LINK...maybe there is a space before the '\n' hence the error is generated!!!


answered 25 Dec '13, 15:46

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accept rate: 21%

edited 25 Dec '13, 15:48

i think @kuruma can explain if there is any such error in the test file...!!!

(25 Dec '13, 16:52) kunal3614★

@kunal361 ok i understood.. thank you

(28 Dec '13, 14:04) vinayawsm4★

glad could help...:)

(28 Dec '13, 14:17) kunal3614★

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