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Runtime Error: Cleaning Up (CLEANUP)

Hi coders, I was trying my hands on clean up problem and getting runtime error. I am new to python and don't know much about the functioning of it. May be that's why I am getting a runtime error as problem is straight forward. Please can anybody help me regarding this. Here is my source code (or link: my solution):

def main():
   test = input()
   for i in range(test):
   jobs_count = raw_input().split(' ')
   finished_jobs = map(int, raw_input().split(' '))
   chef_jobs = []
   assistant_jobs = []
   count = 0
   for i in range(1,int(jobs_count[0])+1):
   if i not in finished_jobs:
      chef_jobs.append(i) if count%2 == 0 else assistant_jobs.append(i)
      count += 1
   for i in chef_jobs:
      print i,
   print ''
   for k in assistant_jobs:
      print k,
   print ''

if __name__ == '__main__':

asked 13 Jan '14, 19:57

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