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Prizes for lunchtime

Hi, I'm new to CodeChef.
I would like to know what are the prizes for Lunchtime contests

Thanks in advance.

asked 23 Jan '14, 11:30

svineet's gravatar image

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Hi svineet, Welcome to CodeChef. We give CodeChef goodies and a Certificate of Wizardry to the top ten school students of Lunchtime. We hope you have added your school name in your profile, if you haven't we want you to do so to be eligible for the prizes.

(23 Jan '14, 14:19) admin ♦♦0★

@admin, top ten school students from India, or global?

(23 Jan '14, 18:04) svineet3★

There are no cash prizes for Lunch time contest. The winners are given code chef goodies (T-shirts, pen drives and other such stuff). I am not sure but i think prizes are awarded to the top 2 global and Indian contestants. Source: this


answered 23 Jan '14, 13:12

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edited 23 Jan '14, 13:13

It's given to top 10 global and indian. I stood 6th last month :')

(23 Jul '14, 20:24) svineet3★

@admin Please verify this price money or goodies because it is not mention anywhere on contest page.


answered 23 Jan '14, 15:59

theshubhamgoel's gravatar image

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edited 23 Jan '14, 16:00

Please read the comment of @admin above.

(23 Jan '14, 17:29) kcahdog3★

For Indians- Top Ten school students get codechef laddus. For rest of World- Top ten school students get codechef laddus.

They do not get any cash prize, but get laddus. Laddus can be exchanged for cool goodies like codechef T-shirts, pendrives, pens, programming books,etc.


answered 29 Oct '16, 00:31

akashbhalotia's gravatar image

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@admin I did not receive a certificate of wizardry even though I was in the top ten in September Lunchtime.However, I did get my laddus. Please look into this.


answered 29 Oct '16, 13:03

rajarshi_basu's gravatar image

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"In addition to it an appreciation certificate will also be provided to the winners." - from Problem Page

I've gotten laddus from Lunchtime twice and never got a certificate......

(29 Oct '16, 15:18) zscoder6★
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