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January Lunchtime Rating Update

Is there any effect on rating after solving problem in January Lunchtime 2014 or this is a practice event for users?

Also tell me is there any PRIZE for this event and when will be our rating updated.

asked 26 Jan '14, 19:09

theshubhamgoel's gravatar image

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No. There will be no effect on long or short contest ratings. The Lunch time contests were introduced to help school students train better for IOI. There was a plan to introduce a separate rating system for the Lunch Time contests but it has not been implemented yet. Prizes for lunch time contests are only for high school students.


answered 26 Jan '14, 20:09

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Thanks @kcahdog

Do you know how many long contest and cook off contestant got codechef goodies (t-shirt,pen drive)?

(26 Jan '14, 21:49) theshubhamgoel3★

Afaik ,in Cook-off's it is the top 10 people globally(No separate gifts for Indians) and in Long contests it is the top 10 globally and top 20 in India.

(26 Jan '14, 22:20) kcahdog3★
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