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IITI15 - Editorial


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Author's Solution can be found here

asked 05 Feb '14, 15:33

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edited 18 Apr '17, 22:09

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Any similar problems for practice?

(05 Feb '14, 23:20) karan1735★

@karan173 There are many problems which can be solved using the "trick" for offline queries as described in the editorial. Some of them are: Chef and Substrings : Tree and Queries : Jeff and Removing Periods :

(06 Feb '14, 21:13) iiti_adm0★

Thanks for replying and for the great editorial! Will look at the problems!

(08 Feb '14, 17:22) karan1735★

Thanks for the editorial, I have come across a similar question on hacker earth with stricter constraints :

the author's solution gives SIGSEGV even after changing chunk vector size (1000) , editorial on hackerearth seems to do something different with 2 fenwick trees any help on explaining hacker earth approach or modifying author's solution to pass it on hacker earth will be much appreciated


answered 27 Dec '18, 17:41

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edited 27 Dec '18, 17:42

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