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Not got rank

Hello, I'm new on codechef and due to my poor English, I can't find the instructions about how to get short contest rating. I participate in February Lunchtime 2014 without regist in exam ( I don't whether it is needed to regist and I don't find where to regist ). After the exam,I slove some problems but can't find my name in ranklist.And there is no change about my short contest rating. Can anyone tell me the reason or give a link of instructions about it to me. Thanks very much.

asked 23 Feb '14, 15:49

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@silentknight you will get rating for the april challange after the contest is over


answered 12 Apr '14, 00:58

minato_namikaz's gravatar image

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Only Long Challenges and Cook-Off's affect your long and short ratings respectively. Lunchtimes don't affect your ratings at all. Also you don't need to register for Long Challenges, Cook-Offs and Lunchtimes.


answered 23 Feb '14, 17:31

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thank you very much

(23 Feb '14, 17:57) dashuiren5★

I have solved successfully 2 problems in this year's april long challenge,still my rank is not being displayed, rather showing this message" Oops!! We didn't find any country code for you.". Can you explain this?


answered 12 Apr '14, 00:38

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i hav a question , do ratings get affected in cookoffs if the AC we got is after many TLE's or Wrong answer , rather then simply gettin AC in one go ??


answered 26 May '14, 12:52

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Yes it does. The ranks in short contests are based on the time taken by you for solving the problems. Each incorrect submission (including RTE and TLE) has a penalty of 20 minutes.

(26 May '14, 13:00) gautam943★
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