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Sorting large array of long long int

Hey guys, i'm working on a problem where I have to sort large array of long long int ( array size of nearly 1000000). I've tried to do it with merge sort as it has a complexity of O(n*log(n)) in worst case but still getting TLE. So , is there's a most efficient way (time speaking) to sort all this data ? thank you :)

asked 09 Mar '14, 20:21

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edited 09 Mar '14, 21:04

i dont know why but qsort() didnt work for me when i tried to sort %lld, so i used sort(a, a+n) from <algorithm>


answered 09 Mar '14, 23:26

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Same thing. I tried a different version where I used a vector and the sort function from <algorithm> but still getting TLE :/


answered 10 Mar '14, 03:17

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i dont know vectors. why dont you use maps, which automatically sorts

(10 Mar '14, 04:13) garakchy1★

I don't get it. what do you mean by using maps ?

(10 Mar '14, 04:29) the_aviator2★

Advice: shortn your long integer to their decimals by dividing it to {100,1000 or 1000000}.

put them in new array , apply function "Sort" on the new array, then arange your real 'the long' array according to the positions of the small array.

Note: this way is way successful with diffrent long Numbers array, but i don't now for simlar big no. with least digits changes, for ex: 966662.. 966661.. 966663.. 9666631..


answered 11 Mar '14, 14:02

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