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[closed] MAXCOUNT WA

For the problem MAXCOUNT, the code below gives Wrong answer. Kindly explain the error.

asked 31 Mar '14, 15:22

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closed 18 Jan '15, 12:55

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by sandy999 18 Jan '15, 12:55

The suggestion given by @asimali246 is absolutely correct. Check the link of the accepted solution below :

I have made the three changes to your solution 1st the array size to 10^5+1 , loop upto 10^5 and the last loop upto 10^5 as suggested by @asimali246 .


answered 31 Mar '14, 20:35

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You have created an array(counter) of size 10000, you need to create it of 10000+1=10001 as the inputted number can be 10000 also. Also you need to run your loop till 10000 rather than less than 10000.


answered 31 Mar '14, 16:42

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edited 31 Mar '14, 17:22

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