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[closed] getting a Wrong Answer

Hey guys, I am new to code chef and am getting a problem while submission of a code i.e., "Chef and Digits". Ive checked my programs output on gcc 4.8.1 with several different cases possible on my local machine. And the interesting thing is that the answer is always correct even then the website is not accepting my code.

Can u guys help me out? You can download the exe file from the link below: [removed]

plz reply if u find any flaw..

asked 07 Apr '14, 12:37

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edited 14 Apr '14, 15:29

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The question has been closed for the following reason "ongoing contest" by betlista 07 Apr '14, 14:46

It's prohibited to ask for help !!!

Read the guidelines.

You cannot ask hints to solve the problem.


answered 07 Apr '14, 13:35

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