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[closed] Compiler code

In the code compilers and parsers in may long challenge, we need to find the maximum length of valid expression which occurs continuously as a seried without any invalid character in between OR we need to sum up all the valid expressions wheresoever they may be. eg. <><<> should return 2 or 4? If you cant tell the soln of this, just clarify my doubt.

asked 03 May '14, 22:21

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closed 04 May '14, 07:24

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the problem statement is clear!!!

(04 May '14, 07:24) kunal3614★

So output of <><>><><><> is 4 @princelegolas?

(04 May '14, 11:38) jeffrycopps_22★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Ongoing Contest!!!" by kunal361 04 May '14, 07:24

did you miss the word "prefix".See the question statement again.


answered 04 May '14, 00:13

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