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Maybe it's too obvious or something everyone would have learned but I have been reading the LEBALONS problem over and over again but I am unable to comprehend this: What does expected cost of gift mean?

I don't intend to flout rules. I am not asking for test cases, hints etc. It's just the definition of the term 'expected cost' I am asking. I asked on the problem page but there's no answer yet. It would be great if a link to the definition is provided either here or in the problem page.

asked 06 May '14, 16:54

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edited 06 May '14, 16:55

is there any case when two or more same color ballon have different cost or for any given test case the value of Ci will be same ?

(06 May '14, 17:23) avneet_singh142★

It is possible, that C_i == C_j same rule applies as always - do not assume something not written in problem statement (confirmed by CodeChef admins).

(06 May '14, 18:07) betlista ♦♦3★


answered 06 May '14, 18:06

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Captain Obvious.. He could have searched on wiki without you giving link.

(11 May '14, 21:08) swapniel993★

you are probably right, "expected cost" isn't so clear, but you should think what it can refer too. I wonder why they haven't provided any explanation to the test cases.They usually do.I dont know if i should help you..but ... maybe the question means that elephant is trying to find the average of the all possible gifts he can give to hippo. i dont know i haven't solved the question. i am just guessing. i myself am confused.


answered 06 May '14, 17:44

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