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Practice programming

There are so many sites like Codechef , Topcoder , Codeforces , Spoj , Hackerrank , Hackerearth etc to practice coding questions . Which is better approach

  1. Start practising on all these sites , starting with easy question first moving to difficult questions .
  2. Select a single site and then practice questions on that site starting from easy questions and then moving to difficult questions .

Please Help . Any other better approach will also be very helpful. Thank you in advance .

asked 13 May '14, 12:58

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Can I know who downvoted my question , No hard feeling , but I would like to now why they downvoted the question . Can we not ask such question or what . Just curious.

(16 May '14, 19:40) the65bit4★

@the65bit, for up and downvotes:

"The first algorithm that one should master is the Google Search algorithm" @xellos0 (

(17 May '14, 01:18) garakchy1★

Check out this answer on Quora by anudeep2011.


answered 13 May '14, 13:20

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(14 May '14, 23:05) the65bit4★
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