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PRIME1: Unable to submit in 'C' even though it is listed in the Language

Hi admin,

I have been trying to submit problem 'PRIME1' in C(gcc 4.3.2) but on submitting the c code i get an pop up saying "You can't submit in this language for this problem. Try link."

What is the problem, i can see C listed in the language allowed for the problem and people have already submitted code in c for the problem. Please look.

Many thanks.

asked 24 Apr '12, 02:18

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edited 10 Jul '12, 12:41

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0★admin ♦♦

@ admin any response??

(24 Apr '12, 19:20) abhiroop112★

@abhiroop1: I have already replied to your mail.

(25 Apr '12, 23:17) tojochacko ♦2★

Not sure what the problem is, try emailing to or As an alternative you can submit your C code as C++ and still get it passed. you might just need to change the headers to appropriate values. #include<stdio.h> becomes #include<cstdio> #include<math.h> becomes #include<cmath> and so on.


answered 25 Apr '12, 15:06

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when i am running the program on my pc its giving the accuratye reasult but when i am submiting it here ,the error is shown


answered 25 Apr '12, 13:42

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what is the error that you see?

(25 Apr '12, 23:18) tojochacko ♦2★
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