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[closed] Chef and Digit Jump JUNE14 Challenge

What does this mean??? i - 1 (Si-1) and i + 1 (Si+1)

Can somebody explain the 2nd test case
Input: 012134444444443

Output: 4

The jump sequence mentioned is 1-2-4-5-15. I am not able to understand how we got this sequence... Thanks :D

asked 09 Jun '14, 04:02

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edited 16 Jun '14, 15:04

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can any one tell me jump can be made reverse also..? Eg: 0123456754360123457 Ans 5 correct or not.?

(11 Jun '14, 11:12) remogoku2★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by garakchy 09 Jun '14, 19:54

It means you can jump one index left(S1-1) or one index right(Si+1).

In this case chef jumps to 1 then to the second 1(index 4) then to 3(index 5) then as the last element is also 3, he can jump to the final index(15).


answered 09 Jun '14, 04:46

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